Learn About Abstrax From
the Founders

Pioneering terpene driven sensorial experiences that shape the cannabis
and consumer packaged goods industry.

Our Story

What started as a family with an interest in cannabis research has grown into a team of pioneers working toward the development of modern, global industry. We want to push the boundaries of cannabis science, manufacturing and terpene discovery by focusing on developing new, game-changing formulations to improve the quality of cannabis products and the overall cannabis experience.

We specialize in botanical research, extraction, and formulation science with a specific focus on cannabis terpene research as it relates to:
  • Cannabis Aroma
  • Terpene Profiles
  • Functional Flavorings
  • Cannabis Extraction 
  • Breeding & Harvest Optimization
  • Discovering New Valuable Compounds
  • Pharmacological Benefits & Applications

Our Mission

To be the best cannabis terpene manufacturer by researching and pioneering terpene formulations.

About Abstrax

Abstrax is a flavor and fragrance manufacturer that specializes in cannabis raw materials, terpenes, and aroma compound research to innovate terpene driven product formulations. We developed state of the art technologies in our ISO, HAACP, and cGMP certified facilities to establish the highest quality standards and best practices for both cannabis manufacturing and product development.

Our Vision


Abstrax leverages its expertise in cannabis research, product development, and manufacturing to create new cutting-edge intellectual property, cannabis analytics and functional product formulations. Our scientific approach builds customer trust created through predictable and repeatable experiences that further enhance brand power beyond the restrictions of state boundaries into a global economy.

Abstrax empowers its partners in cannabis, flavor, fragrance, food and beverage to become pioneers of new functional ingredient formulations and product applications by harnessing the benefits of cannabis to create the ultimate sensorial experiences” 
– Max Koby, CEO and Cofounder. 

Business Philosophy

While the taste and consistency of our products speak for themselves, many Abstrax blends have a history of victory in Cannabis Cup competition. While our past results are excellent, we are always seeking new, innovative ways to improve. Frequent reevaluation coupled with authenticated laboratory testing maintain the highest of standards. Every stage of production is evaluated and cleared before we move to distribute. Our customers deserve the best and we’re dedicated to bringing it to them.


We are expanding with our clients across the cannabis markets and into global CPG applications. We have a vision to be a leader in functional terpene based flavorings & aroma compounds by pioneering cannabis research and product applications. If you would like more information about investment opportunities, please fill out the form below to speak with our team.

Customer Testimonials

Mario Guzman with Sherbinskis

 “I love the way their terps taste and I love their professionalism and the way they operate. They are cool guys but they also know what they are doing.”


These are the core values that guide our business 




We believe in developing a system of checks and balances that ensures transparency, follow through and ownership in all our endeavors. Accountability and ownership form the backbone of high-performing teams : Trust. ​ 




We hire and develop the best. Assembling a team is not enough – we screen and hire the best fit candidates and actively develop them over time through extensive hands on training and experience. Best In Class​


Scientific Innovation​

Scientific Innovation​

We embrace the spirit of discovery and use it, along with state-of-the-art equipment and a premier talent pool, to remain on the cutting edge of our industry.​




We always seek to create win-win networks for our partners, customers, and ourselves. Together we achieve more by becoming more than the sum of our parts.


Raving Fans​​

Raving Fans​​

We aim to create raving fans out of our customers, employees, and vendors. This means creating a culture that values quality of the workplace, relationships, and customer service above all.​ 




We have a deep love and passion for what we do. We engage our subject matter with dedication, zeal, and enthusiasm. We consistently make the best products possible by consistently loving what we do.​




We believe in quality through excellence. High quality products begin with high quality materials and we constantly emphasize this with our own creations and operations and those of our partners.​ 

Our Team

The Abstrax team combines a passionate team of individuals including business leaders, cultivators, award winning cannabis extractors, PhD research scientists, formulation chemists, and analytical chemists together with an amazing customer service team.

Elevate Your Product Experience

We invite you to come visit our cGMP compliant Type 7 R&D Manufacturing facility in Long Beach, CA to check out our products and meet the team.