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High Terpene Extract 

We procure the most premium fresh frozen cannabis strains and extract the highest quality live resin high terpene extracts and cannabis terpenes. We offer our products in bulk and can customize each blend with a custom formulation to meet your specific requirements  

View our menu to learn more about our cannabis extracts including our advanced analytics to help you better understand the flavor, aroma, effects, and specs of each cannabis profile.  

Botanical Cannabis Terpenes

ABSTRAX award-winning product developers and PhD chemists leverage their state-of-the-art extraction and the most advanced strain analysis technology to study over 400 botanical aroma compounds via three-dimensional analysis, allowing for each and every compound within a plant to be named and studied to create a collection of THC-free terpene blends that can be used as a functional flavor – for beer, food, and beverage, vape and tincture blends – that is affordable, authentic, and available to ship internationally. Shop our latest innovations – Native Series Botanical Cannabis Terpenes

Botanical Terpene Flavors

Beyond our cannabis specific terpene profiles we have also harnessed the knowledge derived from researching cannabis to reproduce the most popular flavors like strawberry, mango, berry, and even ice cream flavors using 95%+ botanically derived terpenes also natively found in cannabis. We study each and every ingredient and refine all botanical terpenes to the highest safety and quality standards. Cannabis provide us the roadmap to create functional terpene ingredients and flavorings that are safer for vaping and provide the ultimate product experiences.

White Labeling

From Formulation to Distribution, We got You Covered  – So You Can Focus on Growing Your Brand


We formulate custom terpene blends or cannabis strain profiles for you, using our award-winning terpenes.


We do the pre-qualification test and post-production test for you, check for potency, contaminants, terpene profiles, and quality metrics.


From distribution and packaging to assembly, filling, handling, insertion, labeling, sealing and shipping – We got you covered.


Upon demand, we store your products in our facility and can facilitate transportation to licensed distributors.

Specialty Concentrates

Customized to Your Needs We Manufacture Cannabis Concentrates for You


Looking like something between dried peanut butter and crumbling candle wax, this product is a concentrated form of THC extracted through butane washing. Prized for its taste, potency, and being easy to manipulate with dabbing tools, Wax is a widely popular solvent-free BHO.


This potent BHO derivative manifests itself in exquisite crystalline structures that look similar to amber. Called shatter because it actually can shatter due to improper treatment, the final product is almost too beautiful to smoke.

Distillate Oil

Simply put, distillate oil is the crown jewel of the cannabis spectrum. Often referred to as “clear” due to its transparent appearance, this substance is a staggering 90% THC. Lab tested, undiluted, and undeniably effective, Abstrax’ oil is our top of the line product for consumers seeking a high of the finest quality.

Liquid Live Resin (LLR)

LLR is a result of the full spectrum combination of HTE and HC, in precise ratios specific to a given cannabis strain. LLR is vape ready and is flavored for the best experience.


Sometimes referred to as “terp juice” or “terp sauce”, this high terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) is incredibly potent and flavorful. While most extracts focus on maximizing either cannabinoid or terpene content, sauce manages to combine the best of both worlds. The massive terpene presence (up to 60% more than other concentrates) boosts the effects of THC, resulting in a powerfully blissful experience that tastes absolutely spectacular.

Elevate Your Product Experience

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