Services We Offer

Cannabis innovation and product development from terpene research to manufacturing

Cannabis Terpene Testing

Know what you grow and optimize your products with the highest level of quality testing far beyond compliance standards. We offer the most technologically advanced cannabis testing by analyzing over 400  compounds with a specific focus on exploring terpene profiles by creating a 3d Metabolite Fingerprint 

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3d Metabolite Fingerprint™ is a combination of both terpenes and aroma compounds that make the distinct qualities of cannabis including flavor, aroma, and effects so unique. Learn more about our cannabis testing.

Terpene Formulation

Abstrax can help you develop new product formulations that will continue to differentiate your products and brand. Our custom terpene formulations are engineered specific to your products and desired customer experience.
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We have developed over 300 botanical and cannabis terpene profiles including many award-winning blends. Our custom formulation services allow our clients to develop unique strain specific, flavor driven, or effect-oriented formulations that are of the highest quality and consistency to help build consumer trust. Our partners include industry leaders manufacturing a variety of products including vapes, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, wellness products, and beverages. 

Extraction Services

We offer toll processing BHO extraction services at our Long Beach type 7 facility. We offer the highest quality extractions and post processing services available to create finished live resin, cured concentrates, and cannabis terpenes. Our batch sizes start at 3.5 lbs and we can process up to a few hundred pounds of premium fresh frozen cannabis per day. We store all materials in vacuum sealed bags, store at subzero temps, cryo frozen, pre-extraction and extracted at -60+ to ensure the highest quality concentrates. Additional in-house QC testing and advanced terpene profiling included technology to ensure the absolute highest product quality throughout the manufacturing process.


We are consultants and advocates for the industry helping to be an innovation partner for the brands we work with. We provide consulting on custom formulations, terpene profiling, degradation studies, harvest optimization, pheno-hunting, product development, application research, and quality testing.

Cannabis Vape Formulation

From Concept to Completion, We Have You Covered So That You Can Grow Your Brand. 
We know what it takes to create award-winning products that spark your senses.  

Step 1: Custom Formulation

Whether you are looking to add new products to your line up or launch a new brand we have the the live resin vape ready formulations and highest quality botanical products terpenes to help you be successful. We offer custom formulations to create the ultimate cannabis experiences and a variety of private label products using our most popular formulations. 

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Alternatively, we provide custom terpene formulations that are specific to flavors, effect or strains. We currently offer THC/CBD Vapes, Concentrates, Topicals aromas, beverage, edible and tincture formulations. Once vape formulation is approved in customer hardware we standardize the formula through additional product testing and standard formulation SOP specific to each product.

Step 2: Product Testing

Using our in-house analytical testing laboratory we can analyze your cannabis and provide a custom profile specific to your strain. Alternatively, we provide custom terpene formulations that are specific to flavors, effects or strains. Our terpene formulations can be custom tailored for the specific type of end product including vapes, tinctures, e-cig, topicals, and edibles.

Step 3: SOP

Our team of formulation chemists and scientists will not only develop your formulation, we can also assist you with manufacturing or providing a bulk formulation along with an SOP to assist you with filling and co-packing at your facility.  We work with industry leaders to develop the most stable, consistent and flavorful cannabis terpenes and botanical formulations. 

Elevate Your Product Experience

We invite you to come visit our cGMP compliant Type 7 R&D Manufacturing facility in Long Beach, CA to check out our products and meet the team.