What We Do

We’re the leader in botanical extraction, terpene and aroma compound research, with the most advanced 3D analysis from flower to essential oil. Our technology, research, and manufacturing makes it possible to reproduce each cultivars’ unique profile using botanically derived formulations.

Our Scientific Solutions

Abstrax Labs provides scientific-based analytical solutions to cannabis manufacturers, product developers, brands, cultivators, and distributors.

Cannabis Quality Testing

We have developed the most advanced terpene testing to analyze over 400 terpenes and aroma compounds to provide a report to better understand the more desirable attributes of cannabis and hemp to improve yields, flavors, stability and product quality. We test for Gas Factor™, Fruit Attributes, Strain Balance™ and more. Learn more about our cannabis testing services.

Botanical Terpene Formulation

We leverage both of our facilities and formulation technology to study cannabis and reproduce identical strain specific botanically derived terpene formulations produced in our ISO and GMP certified facility to create formulations that can be distributed throughout the world to help brands develop new CPG product applications.

Sourcing & Procurement

Our customers are also our partners and by testing the best cannabis throughout California we have organically found the highest quality cannabis profiles. We work with a network of farmers to procure the most elite genetics to process our HTE and bulk concentrates.

Formulation & Manufacturing

We can formulate and manufacturer bulk formulations infused with cannabis concentrates, terpenes and botanicals to develop custom flavor and effect profiles based upon our extensive cannabis research. Utilizing our formulation technology in our ISO certified and cGMP facilities we can optimize product consistency and offer both oil and water-soluble formulations.

Extraction & Refinement

At our state-of-the-art type 7 licensed R&D Manufacturing facility located in Long Beach, we convert premium fresh frozen cannabis and trim into high terpene extracts (HTE) and high-grade concentrates including shatter, live resin, sauce, sugar, diamonds and THCa. We have optimized our cannabis terpene extraction process through our in-house analytical testing program pre and post processing to create the best flavor and aroma profiles.

Packaging & Compliance

We offer complete co-packing solutions through our partner manufacturers throughout California. Depending on your needs we have specific manufacturing partners with automated packaging lines to best serve your needs. We develop your product formulation, SOP, bulk formula, provide guidance on packaging and the most capable co-packing partners.

Product Development

Our award-winning team of extraction scientists and formulation chemists work together with our PhD research scientist and R&D team to collaborate on every project to develop the most effective and enjoyable cannabis product formulations. We can help develop a variety of product applications including vapes, concentrates, tinctures, beverages, infused products, topicals and more.

Testing & Standardization

We test every batch of product in-house for an advanced terpene profile to build a Product Data Sheet to help standardize each product formulation in an effort to help build consumer trust through predictable, repeatable, and targeted product experiences. We provide in-depth analysis for brands to better educate consumers on how each product formulation is unique comparing flavor, aroma, and effect types. We additional test all of our products through third party ISO-accredited testing lab for compliance testing. COA and PDS (product data sheet) are available for all products.

Shipping & Logistics

Utilizing our partner facility type 11 license we can ship samples, bulk or finished products to any licensed distributor throughout CA to maintain a fully-compliant chain of custody.

Abstrax Labs enables you to completely outsource your product development and licensed CA manufacturing to provide:
  • Accelerated Product Development & Testing
  • Simplified product launches
  • Higher quality products with consistency
  • Competitive pricing & predictable unit costing
  • Better consumer education
  • Development of botanical terpenes for CPG applications

Terpene Science

Terpenes excite us and hopefully, they excite you too. If cannabinoids were the gas pedal then terpenes would be the steering wheel. Without them, Tangie wouldn’t have its characteristic citrus scent and it might not give you the euphoria you’ve come to know and love. We’re just beginning to understand the benefits of terpene blends and isolates, and there are hundreds more out there waiting to be discovered. That’s why we’ll always be at the forefront of terpene research and product development.

Research & Development

At Abstrax we specialize in cannabis research and product development by leveraging state of the art 3D Metabolite Fingerprint technology to study and optimize cannabis terpenes and extracts. Abstrax performs in-depth exploratory research on every cannabis strain mapping over 400 terpenes and aroma compounds to identify what makes each cannabis flavor profile unique. We offer the most advanced cannabis terpene testing in the industry to help manufacturers and brands develop the highest quality products.

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